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The Center for Research on Unexpected Events (CRUE) was founded in the wake of the 9/11 terrorist attacks to research responses to and planning for unexpected events. The center's research is focused on low-probability, high-impact events within dynamic human environments that have profound system-wide effects, and affect many agencies, organizations, sytems, technologies, resources and people.


CRUE's mission is to enhance the nation's capabilities to respond to unexpected events. The research at the center is directed towards developing foundations for the science and technology of for Urban Security. Information technologies for urban security evoke common research themes including privacy and the security of information, preparedness and training for response to natural and human-caused disasters, methods for collecting and transporting information to end users (often during crises), techniques for combining heterogeneous kinds of information (also called information fusion or all-source analysis) and for detecting and preventing threats to security, methods for predicting and simulating behavior, mathematical theories of the utility of information for decision-making, and the rational design of schemes to protect the public from rare threats. At CRUE, we view Informatics for Urban Security as an engineering science and CRUE itself as home to theoretical foundations and state of the art technologies as well as applications on local and national scales.

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